Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

A popular “OSAMPO” in Akihabara, one of Tokyo’s most entertaining areas.
Check out “otaku culture”!

The Japanese government’s declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo was lifted at the end of June, and the city has shifted to quasi-emergency measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It looks as though this state of affairs will continue until after the Tokyo Olympics. Originally, the web magazine TOKYO WALKING was started to encourage people in Japan and visitors from abroad to walk around Tokyo when the Olympics are held. Unfortunately, we appear to be facing the Olympics in a completely different situation from what we expected. However, TOKYO WALKING will continue to provide information about walking courses in Tokyo. Although you can’t walk around as freely as before, we believe you’ll be able to make full use of and enjoy this information in the post-Corona era. Let’s hope that time comes soon.In the July issue, we offer you a classic tour of Akihabara, Tokyo's premier entertainment area. We’ll walk around Akihabara Electric Town, commonly called "Akiba", which is densely populated with stores specializing in anime, manga, and game goods, as well as maid cafés, to experience "otaku culture". Then we’ll continue on to the Kanda area, where Edo culture lives on to this day, and visit Kanda Myojin Shrine. This OSAMPO course is also recommended for foreign visitors who want to stroll around the popular Akihabara area. We’ve already covered Odaiba which, like Akihabara, is another entertainment area. Various Olympic events will be held there, so it’s not a suitable location for walking during the Olympic Games because some areas will be off limits to the general public. We plan to report on the Odaiba walking course at the end of August when the Tokyo Olympics are over. Be sure to stay tuned!

※OSAMPO means “casual walking” in Japanese.
* Vol.19 “Akihabara” full version can be watched free of charge.

Walking in Entertainment Town 1  
From Akihabara Electric Town to Kanda Shrine

To Mandarake Complex, at-home café, mAAch ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI, etc.

Akihabara Sta. Electric Town Exit →Ochanomizu Sta.

Experience otaku (geeky) culture in Akihabara, the "mecca of anime and games," and refined Edo culture at Kanda Shrine, where the “Guardian Deities of Edo” are enshrined.

Waterfront Walk 2 
From WATERS takeshiba to Tokyo Tower

To SHIODOME SIO-SITE , Atago Jinja , Zojoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, etc.

Hamamatsucho Sta. North Exit →Kamiyacho Sta. Exit1

From the city of the future at the walterside to the historic temples and shrines of Atago and Shiba. The finale is a panoramic view from Tokyo Tower.

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Cinematic Short
「This is Japan!」

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