Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Some fun spots in Odaiba will be gone after the “Tokyo 2020”. So, let’s stroll around the current Odaiba to take the last chance to experience and enjoy them!

As for September, we will deliver Osampo course in artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba. It is the best entertainment town where crisscrossing promenade lead you to various types of interactive leisure facilities and shopping malls.Odaiba gathered world’s attention as the venue for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic games and also for the Olympic flame platform on the Yume-no-Ohashi bridge.
It was reported on the news the other day that the popular symbol of Odaiba, Palette Town where Venus Fort and Giant Ferris Wheel are, will be closed by the end of summer 2022 and the large-scale redevelopment of the area is in progress. It will be excited to see the newly reborn Odaiba but at the same time we will miss the termination of the popular tourist attractions people enjoyed for many years. In this month’s Osampo course, we have planned to drop by each one of the entertainment spots to fully enjoy the last visits. We have prepared a course for you to enjoy present Odaiba as much as possible.Currently, the State of Emergency has been announced in Tokyo. So, when the COVID-19 situation settles down and the things get back to normal and safe, please stroll around this popular standard Odaiba course!
★ Vol.20 “Odaiba” video can be watched free of charge in this website.

In September version, we have also delivered our new mini videos of “This is Japan!” They are 3 mini videos of “How to cook rice” for the rice harvest season. We would like to introduce the way of tasting rice deliciously to the people around the world from the country of rice, Japan. It will come in series. Please watch and enjoy!
★Short videos of “How to Cook Rice” can be watched free of charge in this weibsite

※OSAMPO means “casual walking” in Japanese.

Walking in Entertainment Town 1  
A Popular Odaiba Course

To Madame Tussauds Tokyo, The headquarters Building of Fuji Television, VenusFort etc.

Odaiba-kaihinkoen Sta.→Tokyo Big Sight Sta.

District with numerous attractions and large shopping malls. Let’s stroll along the beautiful promenade and visit the popular entertainment spots.

Walking in Entertainment Town 1  
Akihabara to Kanda Shrine

To Mandarake Complex, at-home café, mAAch ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI, etc.

Akihabara Sta. Electric Town Exit →Ochanomizu Sta.

Experience otaku (geeky) culture in Akihabara, the "mecca of anime and games," and refined Edo culture at Kanda Shrine, where the “Guardian Deities of Edo” are enshrined.

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Cinematic Short「This is Japan!」

Cinematic Short
「This is Japan!」

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