Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

The season for OSAMPO has finally come back again!
Let’s go out to the Tokyo’s downtown area such as Ueno Park where newly born twin pandas attracting great attention are, Asakusa, Skytree and “Yanesen”!

After the state of emergency is lifted, the number of infection of COVID-19 has declined drastically and crowds have been returning to the streets of Tokyo. It’s been a long time to take OSAMPO in the city regaining vitality. Overcoming a long period of hardships, the time to enjoy OSAMPO in metropolis Tokyo to the fullest has come at last!
This month, we will introduce three OSAMPO videos in downtown Tokyo. The standard course is strolling downtown from Asakusa station to Oshiage (TOKYO-SKYTREE) station, Ueno Park course visits famous sightseeing spots in the Park and “Yanesen” course strolls around in Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagaya area. Course guides have been distributed in November and December last year, however, OSAMPO videos have not been delivered yet. This time, three OSAMPO course videos will be delivered for free, so please enjoy them together with the course guide. In the News column, hot spots in the area are introduced such as twin pandas at Ueno Zoo, trial Yoga lesson at TOKYO-SKYTREE, etc. You will surely enjoy them as well!!

Walking Video & course

Senso-ji, TOKYO mizumachi, SUMIDA AQUARIUM etc.

Asakusa Sta.→Oshiage Sta. 'SKYTREE'

Yanaka Ginza, Nezu Shrine, Kayaba Cofee Yanaka Cemetery etc.

Nippori Sta. West Exit → Nippori Sta. East Exit

Ueno Daibutsu, Ueno Toshogu, Shinobazu Pond etc.

Ueno Sta. Panda Bridge exit→Shinobazu exit

THE SUMIDA HOKUSAI MUSEUM, Kakimori, Jiyucho etc.

Ryogoku Sta. →Kuramae Sta.

Walking News

Cinematic Short「This is Japan!」

Cinematic Short
「This is Japan!」

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