Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Walking in the popular town 1   
Going around Ginza

Hibiya Station → Higashi-ginza Station

Developed during the Meiji period, Ginza has been the town featuring all sorts of private specialty shops and large department stores. As many modern and stylish people gathered in Ginza, it has become the hub of modern fashion trends. It is the most famous upmarket district in Japan where long-established stores, modern large commercial complexes and the world’s leading brand shops are lined along the streets. Today’s Osampo, we will go round north, south, east and west part of this popular town, Ginza. We will start from western Ginza, Hibiya, walking the vibrant central part from south to north and finish up at eastern Higashi-Ginza where Kabuki Theater is located. Let’s go for TOKYO WALKING style Gin-bura (strolling in Ginza)!


Hibiya Station. Exit A13
(Tokyo Metro Hibiyana・Chiyoda Line, Toei Mita Line )


Higashi-ginza Station. Exit 5
(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line )


about 3.4


about 45mins

Standard time for stopover places 

      about 1hour

Standard Time of this route 

about 4hours 30mins

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Walking Video!!

Enjoy "Cinematical Stroll" in Tokyo!

Vol.13 Cinematic Stroll in Tokyo 

Hibiya Station ⇒
Higashi-ginza Station

The area that shows the transition from Edo era to modern era to the present day. Let’s walk in the center of Japan feeling the history of Tokyo.
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Route Description

 6mins 450m

6mins  450m

10mins  750m

 4mins   300m

 6mins   450m

11mins  850m

 2mins  140m

Route Guide

Go up the A13 Exit of Hibiya Station LinkIcon ,you will get in front of the Nissei Theater. Take a left here and go straight, viewing the Imperial Hotel on the right, and you will hit the JR viaduct which was modeled after the viaduct in Berlin. Under the arch of the viaduct is the Hibiya Okuroji LinkIcon . After strolling the area with unique gourmet spots and variety shops, we will go out from the Shinbashi side to Ginza Corridor-street and then turn left. Go along the street and the French gate of the famous prestigious elementary school, Taimei Shogakko appears. Go straight and turn left, there is TOKYU PLAZA GINZA LinkIcon  on the Sukiyabashi Street. We will get a crepe at the crepe stand ‘PARLA’ on the first floor and go up to the stylish open rooftop garden “Kiriko Terrace” to taste the crepe. Leaving Tokyu Plaza, we will turn right the Harumi Street at the Sukiyabashi intersection. Passing Sony Park, turn left at the Namiki-dori-guchi intersection. Let’s walk through vibrant Namiki Street where flagship shops of UNIQLO and MUJI and large commercial complexes are located. When you get to the Ginza Yanagi-dori Street, turn right and go on for about 150 meters, then turn right at the Ginza-icchome intersection to Ginza Chuo-dori Street. The long-established stationery store,Ginza Itoya Main Store LinkIcon , stands next to the Tiffany building. Signboard with a red paper clip is the landmark. Let’s check the latest stationeries here. Leaving Itoya, turn left the Ginza-chuo-dori Street, cross the next intersection and go straight and you will reach the established anpan (a bun filled with sweet red beans) store, Ginza Kimuraya LinkIcon . Sakadane (sake yeast) anpan is recommendable for souvenir. Take a right from the store and cross the Ginza Yon-chome intersection and go straight viewing GINZA SIX on your left. Turn right at the Ginza Nana-chome intersection where Shiseido Parlor is located on the corner and enter the Hanatsubaki Street. On your right, you will find a small stone pillar sign forToyoiwainari Shrine LinkIcon  at the entrance of an alley. Going into the alley, a small shrine and adorable fox statues appears. After worship at the shrine, go back the opposite side of the Ginza Street and cross the Yon-chome intersection to the Mitsukoshi side. Go to the right and walk along the Showa Street for about 300 meters. Passing the Kabuki Theater and turn left to the Kobikicho Street, you will find a coffee shop, Kissa you LinkIcon .On the way back, we will walk the Showa Street to the Higashi-ginza Station LinkIcon .

Guide of Drop-in Spots


highlight. Entertainment
shopping spot

highlight. Entertainment



shopping spot


LinkIcon Hibiya Station Exit A13

From A13 Exit of Hibiya Station for Tokyo Metro Hibiyana Line・Chiyoda Line, Toei Mita Line

Nearby, there are Hibiya Park, large cultural facilities such as Nissei Theater and Takarazuka Theater and Imperial Hotel where you feel a tranquil atmosphere of the city.

Go up A13 Exit at Tokyo Metro Hibiya Station.

Cross the pedestrian crossing and there is the Hibiya Park.

Right next to the Exit A13 is the Nissei Theater.

There is the Imperial Hotel around the corner of the Nissei Theater.


Shops and gourmet spots under the train tracks

Commercial complex located in the brick archway underneath train tracks running between Yurakucho and Shimbashi, in the inner Hibiya district. 300-meter archway holds various specialty shops such as variety shops, boutiques and restaurants. Coexistence of historical 100-year old brick archway and modern stylish shops create mysterious atmosphere which you can feel the past, present and future at the same time. It makes you so excited just to walk through the archway. Let’s find your favorite shop in Okuroji full of charms.

Hibiya OKUROJI located in the brick archway.

Underpass plot is like a secret base.

You can feel the history from the quaint brick walls.

You must scan the QR code to use the rest rooms.They are only available for the guests at the restaurants & shops.

There are many antenna (showcase) shops selling their local products.

Many people stand in line at the popular ‘Sumiyaki Unafuji’ from Nagoya.



1-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku




6-minute walk from the JR Yurakucho Station Hibiya exit.
6-munite walk from JR Shinbashi Station Hibiya exit.
6-munite walk from Ginza Station for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line
5-munite walk from Hibiya Station for Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Toei Mita Line
5-munite walk from Toei Mita Line Uchisaiwaicyo Station.




Walk along the Corridor street where many shops line up.

Go straight along the street.

You can see the French Gate of Taimei elementary school on your left.

There is a clock created by Okamoto Taro in the park in front of the Tokyu Plaza Ginza.


A Ginza landmark designed with the Edo Kiriko motif

This strikingly eye-catching building in Ginza was designed under the concept of creating “bowl of light” with the Japanese traditional handcraft, Edo Kiriko, as the motif. Connected to Ginza Station , it houses various trendsetting shops and restaurants on all 13 floors from B2 to 11th floor. There is also a duty-free shop popular among tourists from abroad and the rooftop relaxation space is open to the public.

A large black building in front of Sukiyabashi Park

There is escalators in front of the Tokyu Plaza.


High-end crepe stand using high quality ingredients. Their unique line up of crepes are beautiful to the eyes and are not too sweet to fit the acquired taste. It is recommended to take out your order and enjoy it at the rooftop “Kiriko Terrace”. There is also a cozy café space next to the crepe stand where you can have coffee and alcohols.

Crepe stand ‘PARLA’ on the 1st floor.

Green retro signboard is their landmark.

Popular menu “Rose & Raspberry” ¥1300

Crepes that are not too sweet with liquor flavor is an acquired taste.

Kiriko Terrace

Kiriko Terrace” at the rooftop is an open space with two zones: ‘Green Side’ surrounded with greenery and ‘Water Side’ with the ornamental pool. Both zones are open to the public. It offers a panoramic view of Sukiyabasi intersection and the whole Ginza area which is a favorite relaxing resting spot for many shoppers.

Sign at the entrance of Kiriko Terrace on the rooftop.

Green Side is full of greenery and cherry blossoms bloom in spring.

Beer garden opens during summer at the Water Side.

Panoramic view of Ginza from Kiriko Terrace.



5-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku


03-3571-0190(TOKYU PLAZA GINZA/11:00〜21:00)


No holiday 


1-9F 11:00-21:00、B2F 11:00-21:00、B1F・10-11F 11:00-23:00
■KIRIKO TERRACE 11:00-21:00
■PÄRLA 11:00-23:00 (Only Café on Sat, Sun and Holiday -21:00)


1-munite walk from Ginza Station C2・C3 Exit.for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line
4-minute walk from the JR Yurakucho Station Ginza exit.


https://ginza.tokyu-plaza.com/(TOYU PLAZA GINZA)


TOKYU PLAZA GINZA to Ginza Itoya Main Store

Turn right at the Sukiyabashi intersection and go straight passing Sony Park.

Turn left at the Namiki-doriguchi intersection and the street sign welcomes you.

Go straight until you hit Ginza-Yanagi-dori street.

Flagship shop of UNIQLO is on the Namiki-dori street.

LinkIcon Ginza Itoya Main Store

Thrilling time at fun stationery wonderland

Long-history stationery store established in 1904. In the spacious store you will find standard items such as writing implements, notebooks, diaries, bags, etc. And Itoya original items with the latest features line up as well. Itoya attracts visitors with not only selling stationeries but also offering drink bar and free tour of the adjoined vegetable factory.
Just looking around in the store stimulates your motivation for writing and creation.

Big red paper clip on the Ginza-Chuo-dori street is the landmark.

Homemade lemonade is popular beverage at the ‘Drink’ on the 1st floor.

You can drink the beverages from ‘Drink’ while shopping.

Original brand, “COLOR CHART” series.

Original brand, “DELICIOUS FISH” notebook.¥495

Hydroponic lettuce on the 11th floor is open to public for observation.

Lettuce from the 11th floor is used in the menu at CAFE Stylo on the 12th floor.

Fig & Blue Cheese salad is recommended. \1,760

Ginza Itoya Main Store


2-7-15 Ginza Chuo-ku




No Holiday


11:00-19:00 *the time may change for prevention of coronavirus infection. Please Check HP before visiting.
※CAFE Stylo *closed now due to coronavirus infection.


3-munite walk from Ginza Station A13 exit for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line.
1-munite walk from Ginza 1chome Station 9Exit for Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line.



LinkIcon Ginza Kimuraya

Big hit rich flavor ‘anpan’ using sake yeast

A long-established store since Meiji period. In 1874, when yeast was not used in Japan, the owner got an idea of baking bread using sake yeast. The deliciousness of anpan has been inherited in ‘sakadane-anpan’ up until now. At the main store of Ginza Kimuraya, you will be able to taste fresh baked anpans with a long history. Additional to the regular items, ‘sakura’ and ‘ogura’, they offer wide variety anpans such as seasonal flavors and cream cheese. There is a coffee shop on the 2nd floor, a western-style grill restaurant on the 3rd floor and a French bistro on the 4th floor where you can enjoy the meal viewing the townscape of Ginza.

Long-established store since Meiji period. Bakery is on the 1st floor.

Fresh baked ‘Sakadane Anpan’ is sold every day at the store.

They offer wide variety of Sakadane Anpan. \170~

Calligraphy of store’s trade mark written by Yamaoka Tesshu is decorated in the restaurant,“Arbre Village”, on the 4th floor.

Ginza Kimuraya Main Store


4-5-7 Ginza Chuo-ku




No Holiday




1-minute walk from Ginza Station A9 Exit for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line



Ginza Kimuraya to Toyoiwainari Shrine

After leaving Kimuraya, turn right and cross the Ginza-itchome intersection.

Go straight viewing GINZA SIX on the left.

Turn right at the Ginza-nanachome intersection ahead of Shiseido Parlour building.

Enter Hanatsubaki-dori street and there is a small stone pillar sign for Toyoiwa-inari shrine.

LinkIcon Toyoiwainari Shrine

Small shrine on a back alley at Ginza 7-chome

Toyoiwa-inari enshrined silently between the buildings is said to have been dedicated by Yasuda Sakubei, a vassal of Akechi Mitsuhide. Since the ancient time, it has been known as the god of fire protection and the god of marriage that the local people, staff of the shops in Ginza and Kabuki actors have worshipped it. Though the shrine is located at the place difficult to find that you may pass by without noticing, people continuously come all the way to worship. It is a good unknown spot in Ginza where you will experience a mysterious mood like you have suddenly gone astray into another world from the huge metropolis.

Go into a narrow alley between buildings.

Mysterious zone where you find a small shrine in the alley.

Adorable fox welcomes you.

Go on straight and you will hit Suzuran-dori street.

Toyoiwainari Shrine


7-8-14 Ginza Chuo-ku




always open


8-minute walk from Ginza Station for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line and Hibiya Line

Toyoiwainari shrine to Kissa you

Cross the Ginza-yonchome intersection to Mitsukoshi side.

Go on straight Showa-dori street.

Pass Kabuki Theater and turn left.

Just entering Kobiki-dori street, there is a coffee shop “You”.

LinkIcon Kissa you

The most popular menu, fluffy and moist rice omelet 

Coffee shop nearby Kabuki Theater opened in 1970. Inside of the two-storied building has a nostalgic ambience of Showa period where you can relax and enjoy the meal. Their specialty menu ‘rice omelet’ is a must item. Fresh cream mixed fluffy moist omelet and the ketchup rice make a superb combination. Hope you try and taste the omelet loved by many people over the years.

Popular coffee shop where Kabuki actors drop by, too.

Nostalgic atmosphere makes you relaxed.

Super delicious rice omelet with unbelievably fluffy and moist egg.

Rice omelet with drink. ¥1300

Kissa you


4-13-17 Ginza Chuo-ku




No Holiday




2-min walk from Ginza Station 5 Exit for Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line



LinkIcon Higashi-ginza Station Exit 5

Use Exit 5 of Higashi-ginza Station.

Nearby, there are Kabuki Theater, Shinbashi-enbujo and Togeki where cinema Kabuki is played. A popular antenna shop (showcase store) of Iwate prefecture, Iwate Ginza Plaza, is on the opposite side of the Exit 5. Spacious store with wide variety of goods may be a nice drop in spot before going home.

Exit 5 of Higashi-Ginza station is near the coffee shop “you”.

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line and Toei Asakusa line stop here.