Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk and drop in special spots in a metropolis Tokyo!!

Let’s walk the area of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 2.

Shibuya Station→Harajyuku Station

This course starts from JR Shibuya station which is the station always crowded with young people. We will walk through stylish Oku-Shibuya and then to Yoyogi Park area which is the site deeply related to the past and the next Tokyo Olympics. We will finish up at JR Yamanote line Harajuku station. 


Shibuya Station(JR Yamanote Line


Harajyuku Station  (JR Yamanote Line


about 4


about 4hours

Standard time for stopover places 

1 hour
40 minutes
40 minutes
30 minutes

Standard Time of this route 

about 4hours

The illustrated map of this course

Walking Video!!

With the video, you can fully enjoy "Cinematical Stroll" in Tokyo without getting lost!


Shibuya Station to Harajyuku Station

Part1 Let's walk around Shibuya
Part2 Shibuya PARCO to Harajyuku Staion
Walk through the stylish Oku-Shibuya and then to Yoyogi Park area with greenaly related to the past Tokyo Olympics.

Route Description

1mins 100m

1mins 100m

6mins 400m

15mins 1.2km

6mins 450m

3mins 230m

LinkIcon Yoyogi Park(West Gate)

Fountain, Rose garden, Olympic memorial lodging.

8mins 1.4km

2mins 170m

Route Guide

First, go out from the North Exit of JR Shibuya LinkIcon  to Hachiko Square. After taking photo in front of the popular Hachiko statue LinkIcon , let’s go across the Scramble Crossing right in front of the Square. Shibuya Scramble Crossing is now a landmark of Shibuya which is known as the busiest crossing where thousands of people cross the intersection at once. Crossing the intersection diagonally to the right, there stand the MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 building. On the top floor, there is a special observation area CROSSING VIEW LinkIcon . The great view of the Scramble Crossing is all yours!
Turn left at the Inogashira-dori Iriguch intersection and go up the Spain-zaka(Spanish slope) on your right, you’ll hit the “reborn” SHIBUYA PARCO LinkIcon .You can enjoy just going through this innovative and unique architecture with spiral pathway rising up to the 10th floor, 24-hour passable Nakashibu-dori (street), and the unique art windows on the wall. On the floors from B1 to 9th, you’ll enjoy shopping at various fashionable shops and the Japanese culture exhibitions and modern technologies as well.
Leavng PARCO from the Koen-dori Exit, walk upward the Koen-dori slope, you will see the Japanese National Broadcasting buildling, “NHK”. At the northwest side of the NHK building, you’ll find a quiet and cozy townscape different from the crowded central Shibuya. This area is called Oku-Shibuya where you can enjoy visiting fancy cafés and shops.
Take a break at Fulgen Tokyo LinkIcon with its special fruity coffee and get a fresh baked bread at the popular bakery 365 Days LinkIcon .
Walking through the narrow paths, you’ll reach the West Gate of YOYOGI PARK LinkIcon . This park was once used as the Olympic Village during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Today, it is the peaceful oasis surrounded with trees and a beautiful pond.
Walk east in the park and go out from the Harajuku Gate and you’ll get to the national route. On the other side of the street, you’ll see the modern style National Yoyogi Stadium which was built for the previous Olympics and will also be used for the 2020 Olympics.
Walk left along the national route for a while, you’ll get to the Gorin-bashi bridge with the globe shaped artwork on the bridge-rail. This bridge was also built at the time of the previous Tokyo Olympics as the overpass of the Yamanote line rails. Crossing the bridge, the goal station JR HARAJUKU STATOIN LinkIcon is right in front of you.

Guide of Drop-in Spots


highlight. Entertainment
shopping spot

highlight. Entertainment



shopping spot


LinkIcon Shibuya Station START

Hachiko Exit for Yamanote line.
A8 Exit for Tokyo Metro Hannzomon line and Tokyu Toyoko line.

Shibuya station is the bustling hub where many railways and subways come together such as JR line, Keio line, Tokyu line, and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line/Fukutoshin line. With 3 million passengers on average weekdays, it is the second busiest station in the world after Shinjuku station.  Constructed on the valley topography, Shibuya station features parallel platforms from aboveground stations to underground stations for railway and subway lines. Station and the neighboring area are now under massive redevelopment project. Commercial complexes directly connected to the station are being opened one after another.

Hachiko Exit, JR Shibuya station

Go up the A8 exit from the underground passage, you’ll get to the Hachiko Exit

LinkIcon Hachiko Memorial Statue

The world-famous meeting spot.

Hachi was a Japanese Akita dog remembered for his unwavering loyalty waiting his master at Shibuya station for 10 years after his master’s death. Many people were moved by Hachi’s story and his statue was put up in front of Shibuya station in 1934. After Hachi’s death the next year, his fur was stuffed and is on permanent display at the National Science Museum in Ueno. The statue was recycled for the war effort during World War II, however, in 1948, the statue was rebuilt. Since then, it has become the world’s best-known meeting spot of Shibuya station. The tale of Hachi is also made into movies and dramas.

Statue of the royal dog Hachi-ko

Front of Hachiko statue is the mecca for meeting and photo taking

Hachiko Memorial Statue


2-1-1 Dogenzaka,Shibuya.


in front of  Hachiko exit of  Shibuya Sta.


Viewing Scramble Crossing from the rooftop

MAGNET by SHIBUYA109, a commercial complex with eight stories above ground, was opened in 2018. Crossing View is an outdoor observation deck on the rooftop where you can see the Scramble Crossing from directly above. You will never get tired of just watching the spectacular view-the stream of people on the street 30m below. There is another popular attraction, “Crossing Photo”. It is a service which you and the Scramble Crossing could be framed together in the photo by the camera set above. Shots can be taken by using your own cell phone. You can take photos on your own timing and as many as you want for 1000/100 seconds 

View of the Scramble Crossing shot from the CROSSING PHOTO

Pop art welcomes you at the entrance

Scramble Crossing can be seen through the glass

Taking photos with smartphone app at CROSSING PHOTO

Break space on the rooftop

Taking picture posing on this white chair







January 1st. (and stormy weather)


11:00-23:00 (Last admission:22:30).




1min walk from Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Sta.




Appealing to the world: “Commercial Complex for the Next Generation” 

Reborn SHIBUYA PARCO had its grand opening in November 2019. It aims to introduce the appealing “New, different, exciting and unique” showcase to the urbanites visiting from all over the world. Their 5 themes are “FASHION”, “ART&CULTURE”, “ENTERTAINMENT”, “FOOD” and “TECHNOLOGY”. There are 193 unique and fresh style shops on the commercial floors from B1 to 10. Proposing the epoch-making commercial facilities, showroom style online shopping and services using AR are introduced. Gallery, theater and mini-theater are located in the building.

24-hour passable Nakashibu-dori runs through the building

Artistic architecture with piled up cube‐like structure

Psychedelic art windows on Nakashibu-dori

Neon sign “C” at the CHAOS KITCHEN on the B1 floor

Unique architecture with the spiral‐like pathway rising up from the 1st to 10th floor at the exterior of the PARCO building

Panoramic view of the city of Shibuya from the rooftop garden on the 10th floor. Mt. Fuji can be seen on a clear day.







No holidays


Hours 10:00-21:00 (Shop).
11:00~23:30(Restaurant on the B1F)
11:00~23:00(Restaurant on the 7F)
*some shop and restaurants have own opening time.
*for the time being 11:30~19:30(Shop),11:30~22:00 (Restaurant) for prevention of coronavirus infection


5 min walk from Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Sta.



Pokémon Center Shibuya

Varieties of limited-edition goods and events

It is the official shop for Pokémon in the Cyber-Space on the 6th floor in SHIBUYA PARCO. They sell game soft, Pokémon cards and other original items which fans can’t miss. Campaign events, Pokémon card battle and other events are being held. They also have seminar for beginners for those who wants to start playing card games. Nice gifts and coupons are given out for the birthday people.
*All the events will be closed temporarily due to the emergency declaration announced for prevention of coronavirus.

CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA on the 6th floor dispatchs Japanese subculture. You can find wide selection of stores and goods related to animation and games representing Japan.

At the entrance of the Pokemon Center Shibuya, sleepig Mewtwo welcomes you.

Mewtwo’s graffiti art on the wall

Graffiti art designed stuffed Pikachu

Glittering Swarowski smartphone case

AI “Rotomi” communicates with the visitors
©2020 Pokémon. ©1995-2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Pokémon Center Shibuya




No holidays


*for the time being 11:00~20:00 for prevention of coronavirus infection



Tyffonium Café

Taste the magical parfait!

Café in the Chaos Kitchen on the B1 floor. You can order five different kinds of beautiful and unique parfait on an AR tablet. Customers can make their own “magical parfait” by casting a spell over their parfait. Variety of beautiful cocktails like jewel are also served. They have other surprises, too. Such as the chocolate magic. If you read the character on the chocolate with your smartphone, a message will appear on the chocolate. You can also experience a journey of the tarot world with VR. This place is full of “magical experiences”!

Unique restaurants and cafés at the CHAOS KITCHEN、on the B1 floor.

Real chaos space with mirrors on the ceiling and on the floor

Concept of this shop is “the imaginary circus only appearing in the twilight”

Enjoy the “magical parfait”, desserts created with combination of sweets and AR

Play with the AR tablet until the parfait is served

Twilight”, parfait with blueberry and red grapes \1400

You can see the image of the magical parfait on the tablet

“Tarot VR” , a fortune telling attraction \800.
Pick a card and you’ll start for the journey to theVR tarot world

Tyffonium Café




No holidays


*for the time being 11:00~22:00 for prevention of coronavirus infection



LinkIcon Fuglen Tokyo

A Café located in residential area in Oku-Shibuya.

The very first overseas shop of the popular coffee shop in Oslo, Norway. Inside of the renovated old Japanese house, vintage Nordic furniture and tableware are used. If you find anything you like, you may buy it. Recreating the atmosphere of the main shop in Oslo and displaying the lifestyle of the Norwegian people attracts not only Japansese but also foreign tourists. Carefully selected coffee beans are roasted at the nearby roastery and light roasted Norwegian coffee distinguished by its fruity aroma is served at the shop. They also have bread and cookies and at night, they operate as a bar serving ales and cocktails.

A house on the on an alley a block behind the Inogashira street

Enjoying coffee break on the bench seat outside

Eye-catching red bird logo mark

Inside the shop truly depicts the atmosphere of the main shop in Oslo, Norway

Tasting fruity coffee using light roasted coffee beans

Nordic roast, Aero press coffee 530Yen

Cozy space with Nordic furniture and tableware

Fuglen Tokyo


Address 1-16-11 Tomigaya,,Shibuya.




Irregular holidays.


Hours Mon.Tue. 8:00~22:00
Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. 8:00~25:00
Sun. 10:00~24:00


5 min walk from Tokyo metro Chiyoda line Yoyogikoen Sta.



LinkIcon 365 Days

Fresh & Healthy Every day Bread

The chef’s policy is to bake bread only using safe and secure flour produced in Japan for the customers to buy and eat everyday. Having a strong preference and responsibility for the high-quality ingredients, chef offers the best quality bread to the consumers. By using 35 different bread dough, the chef bakes white bread and various types of bread. There is an eat-in counter where you can taste the bread straight from the oven with a cup of coffee. Jam, cheese and soup stock are sold at the shop.

Impressive wooden lattice-door at the entrance of 365 Days

Over 50 kinds of bread line up in the showcase

The concept is “

Bread baked with safe and secured ingredients with no additives using only flour produced in Japan.

Bread baked only using ingredients from Hokkaido \456

Croquen chocolat, Ampan(roll filled with red or white bean paste) and Cent pour cent (from the left)

365 Days


1-6-12 Tomigaya,Shibuya.




February 29




1 min walk from Tokyo metro Chiyoda line Yoyogikoen Sta.
1 min walk from Odakyu line Yoyogihachiman Sta.



LinkIcon Yoyogi-koen

Lushly green oasis of the city

Yoyogi Park is the 52㎢ large city park full of nature. This area once became an army parade ground and after the World War II, It served as the site as a residential area for US military personnel. The area was used for the Olympic Village for the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics in 1964. After a few years later, it was turned into Yoyogi Park. Featuring cherry trees, wide lawn area and line of zelkova trees, Yoyogi Park is now a great place for people to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful nature. Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Olympic memorial lodging remains as the heritage from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics.

On this route, enter Yoyogi Park from the West gate

Park with a lot of greenery nice to take a walk in the woods.

There are three fountain ponds in the center of the park

Dutch dormitory used at the previous Tokyo Olympics is still preserved in the Park.

Shop at the Harajuku Gate

Take a walk around the park and leave from the Harajuku Gate



Yoyogi-kamizono, Jinnan 2-chome, Shibuya ward


No holidays


3 min walk from C02 exit of Tokyo metro Chiyoda line Yoyogikoen Sta.
3 min walk from C03,F15 exit of Tokyo metro Chiyoda line and Fukutoshin line Meijijingumae(Harajuku) Sta.
6 min walk from Odakyu line Yoyogi-hachiman Sta.



LinkIcon Harajuku Station (GOAL!)

Use East Exit of Harajuku Station for JR Yamanote line & Saikyo line.
Use A5 Exit of Meiji-jingumae Station for Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line.

Now we have arrived at the entrance station to the youth town “Harajuku”. New station building was opened on March 21, 2020 which made it easy for the passengers to transfer to the subway line.

New JR Harajuku Staion opened on march 21, 2020.

West exit is newly located in front of the entrance of the Meiji Shrine